Honoring Pearl Harbor Day

Dear friends, Let's not forget this day in history when the U.S. was forced to enter World War II. My father could have died there, young. He was on the battleship the USS Arizona just two years before the attack. Luckily, he transferred to submarines. More than a thousand men were not so lucky.  My father had …

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Coming soon: Moody Gardens

Celebrating the release of my poetry book Moody Gardens: A Collection of Travel Poems. It's almost here!  Here is the cover with art by El Paso artist Erika Martinez!

At the Un-National Monument Along the Canadian Border

I love the following poem about the Canadian border. Think about how different the Canadian border in this poem is from the Mexican border now and throughout history. Doesn't it make you wonder why it's so different? At the Un-National Monument Along the Canadian Border by William Stafford This is the field where the battle …

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Launch date -- August 23. I'm happy you're visiting my new author site going live today.  Though it is still under construction, you can read some of my poetry on my site. Please come back for more.